Show at heathens!

I had the pleasure of sharing the night with Jamie Allanach! What a talented musician! I love playing at smaller venues, they are always so fun and intimate. Stay tuned for more! 
Much Love!

Connor T



JUNE 26TH EVENT FT: Nevin Matheson

Hey everyone, we are looking forward our next event! Nevin and I used to play open mic’s together, it will be nice to jam some tunes again. We have some exciting events coming up this summer, some of which will…

Merch Store is Now Live!

Hello everyone! 

We are so excited to announce a huge milestone for the ConnorTmusic team! The Merch Store is NOW LIVE! Check out the new tab STORE to browse our selection of shirts and sweaters! We have loads of colours…

Springtime Showcase Series Event #1

ConnorTmusic is excited to present the first ever Springtime Showcase Series event!

We will be featuring the amazingly talented Katie Windt who is releasing her new single, Pink Cadillac, on April 30th at 7:30PM! Join us on Instagram…


Upcoming online performance and merch!

Hey beautiful people, hope you are all doing well and healthy! So I am planning on bringing in the spring time with an online performance, shooting for mid April sometime! Very excited about this, it has been quite a while…