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Singing the blues has been released! This song is a special one  because it is about the struggles we all deal with through our lives, while trying to be present for the people we love and care about, I hope it resonates with you and you enjoy it! Much love!

Connor T



08/02/20: Connor T and Katie Windt teamed up for the first ever Connor T music campfire session (campfire sessions is something Connor T has come up with to allow showcasing for local artists and to continue making great friends), and what a great success it was, we are looking forward to the next one so stay tuned, Check out the slide show we will be making for each campfire session below! much love!


07/29/20: Connor Tzupa's most recent work would be the releases of his songs, Beautiful You and Sitting Here Stewing! He is looking forward to the release of his newest single Singing The Blues which will be released August 29th! Check out the sample clip through the link below! 

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